Water Information Management System (WIMS)

Water Information Management System (WIMS) is an integrated web-based data collection platform through which different agencies and stakeholders update the data on Surface & Ground water. Apart from web-based manual data entry, it allows data entry in an automated method through telemetric sensors. The system has functionalities for data entry, management, analysis and reporting. The platform further offers various module-wise applications for State and Central agencies for effective database addition, updation and sharing. This application also has a provision to send Flood and Disaster Mitigation Alerts through SMS & email to Central & State Disaster Management Authorities and was primarily conceived as an internal application to be used by the technical staff of Central and State water departments.

The WIMS architecture and telemetry system were recently fine-tuned to allow more efficient data reading, decoding and processing of more than 10,000 stations. The WIMS system has been expanded for better resource management, database performance, and system architecture.

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