Water & Allied Resources Information and Management System (WARIMS)

WARIMS is planned to act as a single & integrated Decision Support System for management of water resources & crop planning. The project has been awarded to WAPCOS Ltd. (a PSE under Jal Shakti Ministry) on a turn-key basis and an MOU was signed between WAPCOS Ltd. & NWIC on March 25, 2021.

The project is planned to be implemented in three phases:

       1.Pre-Implementation Phase: Feasibility study and preparation of detailed functional requirement, design of IT system, software selection etc.
          and selection of Implementing Agency through RFP.

       2.Implementation Phase: Development & Implementation of WARIMS as per pre-feasibility study through System Integration.

       3.Post-Implementation Phase: Knowledge transfer and O&M through a selected vendor.

This project consists of the development of 6 modules with 19 sub-modules and a Ground Water Information System. This integrated platform will analyse the water resource and crop data to provide analysed results to the planner and decision-makers so that information-based decisions can be taken. The 6 modules and 19 sub-modules of the DSS are:

  1. Surface Water Resources
  • - Integrated Reservoir Management
  • - River Basin Management
  • - Wetland Management
  1. Groundwater Resources
  • - Groundwater Management
  • - Spring Shed Development
  1. Water Utilisation
  • - Irrigation Management
  • - Drinking Water Management
  • - Grey Water Management
  • - Crop Water Management
  1. Water Quality
  • - Surface Water Quality
  • - Groundwater Quality
  1. Water Harvesting
  • - Artificial Recharge
  • - Water Transfer
  • - Water Budgeting
  • - Water Foot Print
  1. Event Analysis
  • - Glacial Analysis
  • - Drought Analysis
  • - Flood Analysis
  • - Coastal Surge Analysis
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